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O3ONE Art Space, Belgrade, Serbia, Solo Exhibition 23rd-28th September 2019

fotografije: Dragan Babović

fotografija: Ivana Babić

fotografija: Dejan Todorović

fotografija: Dragan Babović


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fotografija: Dejan Todorović


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fotografija: Dragan Babović

fotografija: Dragan Babović


Belgrade International Week of Architecture, 2019

Zlatkovic_3_Fluid Air Drawing Yugoslav G

Innovation in Architecture, Science & Technology in Digital Era

The Sixth International Exhibition On Architecture: New Materials and Design in Architecture and Art, Sustainable Urban Society Association

City Escape  - Yugoslav General Staff  Building - Fluid Air Drawing


Interesting innovative drawing method. What to do with this ruin? That’s the question. It's not about history, but about the future based on memory and creating a new story. The shape is not finished but it seems that something beautiful is going to become, and reveal what the building of the ex Ministry of Defense should be. The invisible and the visible, the present and the absent are in harmony, something that shows the creator's deep research and passion for this building. The Sixth International Exhibition On Architecture: New Materials and Design in Architecture and Art


Stanko Gaković, President of the Jury   

Gallery Reflektor, Užice, Serbia, Solo Exhibition 27th October - 8th November 2018


fotografija: Milica Tasić


fotografija: Milica Tasić

fotografija: Dejan Todorović


fotografija: Milica Tasić


fotografija: Milica Tasić


fotografija: Milica Tasić

Royal Arts Prize V. Edition 2018, Shortlisted Artists Exhibition, 24th February - 9th March 2018

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RAP 2018.jpg

Mladi - ovo menja sve 2017, Niš Art Foundation

RIBA Journal Eye Line 2017 Winners Exhibition 

2_RIBA Journal Eye Line 2017 Winners Exh
1_RIBA Journal Eye Line 2017 Winners Exh

Drawing of the Year, 2016

7_Millions of City Plans Transformation_

So, if a glitch has become an image that could have never been produced before (...)

here we started to project:

is this a section, is this a plan, is it a human plan, is this a horizon, what is happening here?


Eva Franch i Gilabert

Live streaming: Drawing of the Year,  2nd December 2016

A glitch. A contemporary form of error has opened up an aesthetic space that infiltrates a world of art, design and architecture.

Those images of data that go awry are somehow images of our daily digital lives.

The drawing shows the digital that is constantly with us.

How is architecture going to take this into other forms?

This drawing might be the beginning.

With this drawing, something has emerged that could not have been created without the digital.


Drawing of the Year 2016, Jury Report

Snežana Zlatković - Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia

“Micro Macro Atmospheres” (in collaboration with Anđela Karabašević) 

New Media (The Forth International Scientific Conference and Exhibition On Architecture: Scale of Design - from Micro to Macro, Sustainable Urban Society Association), 2016